Tenikwa Wildlife Awareness Centre

Tenikwa, which is located on the Garden Route and is known as one of the region’s most exciting tourist destinations, is a place that celebrates the astonishing diversity and splendor of some of Africa’s top animal species.

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Daily. Tours depart every half an hour from 09h00.The last tour leaves at 16h30.


Tenikwa Wildlife Awareness Centre, Forest Hall Road, The Crags, Plettenberg Bay, Garden Route.


When guests arrange a tour at Tenikwa, they have the unique chance to contact with some extremely unusual species. However, Tenikwa’s primary emphasis is not just on providing a secure environment for these creatures; it is also on rehabilitating animals who were saved from dangerous situations.

This wildlife center can be found in the picturesque region of The Crags, which is located just outside of Plettenberg Bay and about half an hour and a half away from Knysna. It started off as a little garden shed in 2002, but it has since developed into a vast institution that houses and cares for birds, terrestrial animals, and even sea creatures. More than 400 animals are cared for each year at the Tenikwa Animal Hospital alone; this makes it a wonderful place for both animals and people. The following are some of Tenikwa’s most well-known features: The Wildlife Center or Sanctuary. Visitors may view cheetahs, African wild cats, caracals, servals, leopards, and lions on wildlife trips focused on preservation. Guests get the chance to get quite near to these cats when they enter the enclosure where the cheetahs are kept.

Tenikwa is a business that is Fair Trade Certified, and as such, they adhere to stringent safety measures. They guarantee that all excursions are instructive and enjoyable for both the visitors and the kitties as part of our commitment to practicing responsible tourism. The area for Increasing Awareness of Marine Conservation: Explore South Africa’s marine life and get a better understanding of the threats these animals face while you’re there.

This tour’s most popular attraction is the critically endangered African penguin. The Meanderings of the Meerkat: Tenikwa is the joyful home for many meerkats who have been either abandoned as pets or seized from owners who were deemed to be unfit. These meerkats are very stunning to meet.

our merriment is intoxicating and delightful for people of all ages, especially children. Visitors will be able to choose from a number of different programs, each of which focuses on a unique facet of the protection of African wildlife and may be tailored to fit a particular financial constraint.

The whole of the entrance fees collected at Tenikwa are re-invested into the park’s various restoration and preservation efforts. Also there is a coffee shop located in this area that provides freshly baked goods and delectable light meals that have a flavor profile reminiscent of South African cuisine.

The gift store sells a variety of mementos and presents, all of which are ethically sourced and kind to the local fauna. Tenikwa is a jewel along the Garden Route and is well worth visiting for anybody who want to enjoy the incredible biodiversity that can be found in South Africa.


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The interactive map below lets visitors easily views accommodation options near the Tenikwa Wildlife Awareness Centre in Plettenberg Bay. With the help of this map, visitors can easily plan their trip and make sure they are close to the center, allowing them to fully enjoy the experience of learning about the wildlife and the center’s mission.

Whether you’re an animal enthusiast or just looking to learn more about these incredible creatures, Tenikwa Wildlife Awareness Centre offers something for everyone. The interactive map below will help you find the perfect place to stay during your visit.