Lawnwood Snake Sanctuary

The Lawnwood Snake Sanctuary is still considered to be among the most popular tourist destinations in Plettenberg Bay for everyone of all ages.

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Daily from 09h00 to 17h00.


N2, The Crags, Plettenberg Bay, Garden Route.


There is a significant demand for vacation rentals along the Garden Route. This stunning region of South Africa is renowned for its natural beauty, so it should not come as a surprise to anybody who has been there.

It is a great area to visit and stay in and is the location of many well-known attractions. You’ll find snakes of all shapes and sizes at this refuge in The Crags, including pythons, boomslangs, and tarantulas. These, of course, are contained inside secure areas. However, the trip offers opportunities to interact with snakes, allowing you to feel the cold silkiness of our finely marked skin.

Interacting with Snakes

Visitors may learn about the unique characteristics of snakes in South Africa from the indigenous snake pit, while snakes from other countries can be found in the Snake Dome, which houses both local and exotic snakes. The enormous python chamber is self-explanatory, allowing guests to get up and personalize with these beautiful snakes. The enclosure for the monitor lizard will acquaint you with a fantastic reptile that looks like a dinosaur and is delightful to interact with in person. There is a one-hour guided tour for those who want to get up, and personal with the snakes or are afraid of going too near.

More to See at Lawnwood

However, there is more to Lawnwood than simply its stunning collection of reptiles, such as snakes and lizards. Farm animals, which are often endearing and amusing, may also be found there. Visitors who like the Garden Route’s luxuriant beauty and wish to get some true R & R in nature’s most beautiful surroundings may take a woodland stroll to the river. Families may join together in the sanctuary’s picnic areas, and a play area is an excellent place for children to burn off some of the energy they’ve accumulated while traveling.

Amenities at the Sanctuary

A coffee shop and a curio shop are also available on the premises of the Lawnwood Snake Sanctuary. The sanctum is accessible to those using wheelchairs and strollers, and there is canopy coverage over the parking lot. Only tourists traveling in groups of 15 or more are required to make reservations.


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Find Accommodation Near Lawnwood Snake Sanctuary

Visitors to Lawnwood Snake Sanctuary will find it easy to plan their trip with the interactive map provided below. This map allows visitors to view various accommodation options in the surrounding area, including the nearby towns of The Crags and Plettenberg Bay. Whether you’re looking for a luxurious hotel, a cozy bed & breakfast, or a family-friendly vacation rental, the map has something for everyone.

The map also provides detailed information about each accommodation option, including photos, reviews, and contact information. This makes it easy for visitors to compare options and find the perfect place to stay during their visit to Lawnwood Snake Sanctuary and the beautiful Garden Route.