Ocean Encounters Plettenberg Bay

Our ecotourism journey starts with an exhilarating beach launch at Central Beach, then continues on to the east, passing the Keurbooms beach and the bird sanctuary on the way to Arch Rock.

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We often see Bottlenose Dolphins and the very uncommon Indo-Pacific Humpback Dolphins here, in addition to many types of sharks. We leave Arch Rock and make our way towards the center of the bay, around seven kilometers from the coast, where pelagic seabirds are often seen.

Out there, our local Bryde’s whales could be spotted, along with Common Dolphins, Southern Right whales, and Humpback whales when it is the appropriate time of year for them. After that, we go across the Bay to the tip of the Robberg Peninsula and then out to the Wild side, where we often come across pods of dolphins and groups of whales. As we make our way back around the interior of Robberg, we are able to examine our expanding Cape Fur Seal Colony and witness the strange geology that can only be seen from this vantage point.

In conclusion, we make our way back along Robberg beach as the guide provides a concise summary of the past events that took place in the region. An amazing landing, once again on Central Beach, brings our unforgettable adventure to a close after we have flown over the BI Hotel, which was constructed on the site of the historic Whaling Station.


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