George Museum

The magnificent structure that is now home to the George Museum was originally occupied by the drostdy and was constructed in 1811. The museumself was created several generations later (in fact, it wasn’t until 1967) and is mostly devoted to the wood industry, which served as the financial basis for this Garden Route village and many of those that are located in the surrounding area.

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Monday to Friday from 08h00 to 16h30.

9 Courteney Street, George, 6530, Garden Route


This museum was the first of its kind in George, and it underwent extensive renovations in the 1990s so that it could provide tourists with a fascinating glimpse into the history of the Garden Route and South Africa. The history and tradition of this region of the nation, as well as how it relates to the Western Cape as it is now, will be the topic of discussion during this event, which will be open to both residents and tourists. To this aim, a significant portion of the museum is devoted to the antique equipment and implements that were employed in the lumber trade in days gone by. Additionally, there is an impressive yellowwood recreation of the woodcutter’s house in this section of the museum. In particular, there is a segment dedicated to the planting of trees that are native to the area.

Charles Sayers, the man who founded the museum, painstakingly replicated everything in the Mini Museum, which is located within the main museum. It is an extraordinary recreation of days gone by. Furniture and other types of musical equipment, such as gramophones and phonographs, are some of the items on display at this exhibition.

The exhibition at the George Museum that is devoted to the forced evictions that were characteristic of the apartheid era is another noteworthy aspect of the museum. This resulted in non-white people being expelled from their family houses and relocated to locations farther out from the city center so that white people could move into the more centrally located residences. As a result of this, many of these families were deprived of many of their material goods since it was often done in a violent manner and nearly usually at short notice. The museum investigates this segregation on a human level, giving a face to individuals who faced the injustices. Despite the fact that it is hard to think about, this is an essential aspect of South African history, that has played a significant role in molding the nation and its beautiful people.

Those vacationing in one of the most beautiful regions of South Africa should definitely make time to swing by the ever-growing town of George and pay a visit to the George Museum while they are there.


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