Pledge Nature Reserve

In addition to its natural beauty, Pledge Nature Reserve is also an excellent place to relax, thanks to a network of trails and concealed nooks that make it a perfect spot for reflection.

Open 7 days a week

7am – 6pm


10 Bond Street, Upper Central
Knysna, Western Cape
South Africa

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About Pledge Nature Reserve

It is difficult to imagine that this formerly lush area in the center of Knysna was turned into a brickfield and then utilized as a dumping site, which polluted the waterways that were previously crystal clean. This happened less than a century ago.

Concerned citizens of Knysna played a significant role in the proclamation of the Reserve and negotiated a leasing agreement with the Knysna Municipality for a lengthy period of time. After that, there was a determined effort made, which was ultimately quite successful, to get rid of the invasive plants and return the area to the natural splendor it had when it was first discovered.

Dams were constructed so that the silt could be contained and the water that would ultimately flow into the lagoon could be purified. The pools, which are surrounded by native trees, serve as an appealing centerpiece for the bottom section of the Reserve, which is not difficult to reach since it is just 200 meters away from the main route.

Anyone who doesn’t want to or is unable to stroll the paths may unwind on one of the numerous benches and enjoy the peace and quiet that Pledge Nature Reserve has to offer.

For anyone who is able, it is without a doubt well worth the effort to go to the Reserve’s highest point for the final reward, which is the view across the town and over the sea to the nearby Knysna Heads. The addition of our extremely well-liked full-moon treks to this perspective brings an extraordinary new facet to the experience.

The Reserve is located inside of the Cape Floral Kingdom, that is home to 8,600 different kinds of plants and boasts the title of the world’s most diverse temperate flora. Fynbos may be found in the higher parts of the Pledge Nature Reserve, and it is our top objective to engage in active management of this region so that it can continue to exist.

With the exception of a few additional native species that have been imported throughout time, the lower-lying regions are covered with wetland and riverine vegetation. Due to the fact that there are more than 300 different species, this location is perfect for individuals of all ages who want to explore the distinctive indigenous flora that is native to the Southern Cape.

The Pledge Nature Reserve had almost little bird life before reclamation operations started. The barren wattle thickets kept birds away from the region, which decreased bird population. There were just 47 species reported in the beginning of the 1990s, but by 2000, there were around 80, and in 2016, there were 90 species, which is encouraging for the reserve’s health.

The Reserve provides a great opportunity for doing study on the tiny animals, reptiles, and amphibians that may be found there. It is evident from casual encounters that the animal and reptile population in the Reserve is increasing, and it would be interesting to learn that this urban refuge is home to small deer, porcupine, mongoose, spotted genets, and a breeding colony of francolins.

Pledge Nture Reserve, Knysna


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Visitors to the Garden Route will find plenty of self-catering accommodation options near the Pledge Nature Reserve in Knysna. The town of Knysna is situated on the banks of a large lagoon, and the nature reserve is located just outside of town. There are several guesthouses and hotels in the area, as well as a number of self-catering cottages. Visitors can also find self-catering apartments and villas in the surrounding towns and villages. The map below shows some of the accommodation options that are available in the area.