Homtini Pass

The historic path known as the 7 Passes includes a number of mountain passes, including the Homtini Pass. When it was first built in the 1880s, this road connecting George and Knysna was the sole route between the two towns. It included seven mountain crossings. It was to stay that way for almost to seventy years until the N2 was built through the Wilderness, which offered a more expedient alternative.

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If you’re coming from Knysna, the second pass you’ll encounter is Homtini. It is, however, the seventh of eight passes if approaching from the George side. Because it winds its way through dense vegetation, many people consider it to be one of the most picturesque of the mountain passes. It is located directly above Sedgefield.

As the mountain pass descends into the river with the same name, a sharp curve marks the beginning of the dense forest. Here, the treetops come so close together that they almost touch above. The Homtini River meets up with the Goukamma River only a few kilometers farther downstream.

Take the turnoff to Jubilee Creek picnic spot and ancient Millwood goldmines around one kilometer outside of Rheenendal if you want to take your time to admire the pass and do it at your own leisure. After going over the mountain, the road is paved to Knysna.

The pass is adjacent to the town of Rheenendal. A detour off of this road is necessary in order to access the Phantom Pass, which is the last gravel pass.
The Khoi-San gave the name Homtini, which literally translates to “difficult passage,” to the path they used to transport livestock from the highlands to the ocean.

Today’s route is a simple one to navigate as long as you stay under the posted speed restrictions, look out for wildlife, and pay attention to bicycles. Be warned that some stretches of the road have both corrugations and potholes in them.

The Homtini Mountain Bike Trail is a circular route that covers a distance of 19 kilometers and begins in Krisjan-se-Nek. It travels through the Homtini woodland that is located close to the pass. There is also the Rheenendal Ramble, which connects artists and craftspeople in the region and includes farm booths and art galleries.

Homtini Pass


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