Goukamma Nature Reserve

Even though it’s located along the well-known Garden Route, the Goukamma Nature Reserve only 20 kilometers west of Knysna is an unrivaled retreat near the Goukamma River’s mouth that’s relatively undiscovered.

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Approximately 2500 hectares in size, the Goukamma Nature and Marine Reserve has a 14-kilometer shoreline that stretches from Buffalo Bay to just beyond Sedgefield and continues 1 nautical mile out to sea.

While here, you’ll have access to the Goukamma River, a long, safe beach, a large dune field with some of the country’s tallest vegetated dunes, and a fascinating lake called Groenvlei that’s completely isolated from the sea or any inflowing water sources.

Coastline fynbos, yellowwood, and candlewood trees abound in the Goukamma reserve’s dune forest, and the protected maritime region is a haven for bottle-nosed and common dolphins, who enjoy the surf free of ski-boats and spearfishing gear.

There is no chilly wet or dry season in Goukamma, although the rain is heavier in spring and autumn, so the weather may be unpredictable. Even in the heart of winter, there is a risk of a cold day.

Within the reserve, day hikes are available, swimming is permitted in the ocean and river, river canoe cruises are fun, and the lake boasts some of South Africa’s greatest bass fishing.


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Goukamma Nature Reserve


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