Birds Of Eden Plettenberg Bay

An indigenous woodland gorge is spanned by the Birds of Eden’s two-hectare dome (the world’s biggest). More than 3,500 birds from more than 220 species call it home, with a primary concentration on African birds. Guided tours are available upon request at Birds of Eden, although most visitors do there alone.

27 (0)44 534 8906


7 Days a Week: 8am and 5pm


Portion 11 & 12 of Kirbywood Farm Animal Alley The Crags, Plettenberg Bay, 6602


Over 3,500 birds, over 200 species, called Birds of Eden home. These species include swans, geese, turacos, ducks, parrots, exotic pheasants, and the like.

Abundance Of Ponds & Streams

There are many water holes, a river that flows through the complex, and even a tiny waterfall beneath which the tourist path passes. Birds are attracted to these water sources because they may swim and drink at their leisure on hot summer days.

Onsite Restaurant

Thanda Café offers magnificent views of a big waterhole from which one may see an abundance of avian species while having a satisfying drink and a savory meal. The restaurant is fully open with mesh protection, so the birds’ noises and views are never disturbed, but they cannot take bits of food off your plate.

In the woods is a theater. This seated audience may hear a variety of bird sounds with serenity.

A wonderfully comprehensive guidebook is available to help you identify and register the species you observe. The inclusion of exciting information enhances the value of this remembrance and serves as a memory of your stay.

The curio store has one-of-a-kind Birds of Eden apparel, jewelry, decorations, postcards, and toys. These are excellent keepsakes and presents for family members.

According to the participants, it took approximately 90 minutes to finish the route through the aviary. The institution as a whole is wheelchair-friendly.


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