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The Goose wine estate can be found in South Africa’s Upper-Langkloof appellation, which is often considered to be the country’s coldest area for producing grapes. These harsh climatic circumstances guarantee that distinctive grapes with a depth of flavor are produced, which are then painstakingly transformed into wines of the highest caliber. ​

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Off the R62, George, Garden Route, Western Cape.


These harsh climatic circumstances enable the production of complex fruits and one-of-a-kind grapes, both of which are then sculpted by hand into wines of the highest caliber. After picking by hand, the grapes are transferred to cool-rooms where they are kept cold for 12 hours at a temperature of 4 degrees Celsius. The cold grapes are sorted as soon as they are brought into the basement, and then they are smashed and poured into open troughs made of cement. During 10- 14 days, the juice is left to mature on the skins, allowing the grapes’ essential flavor and color to be extracted into the wines. The last stage of malolactic fermentation takes place in imported oak barrels from France.

By aging The Goose in these barrels for an additional 18 to 24 months for the reds, classic and finely structured wines are created, whilst cool-climate Sauvignon Blanc is held on the lees for a period of months in stainless steel tanks. Both of these processes contribute to the wine’s overall character. In 2005, The Goose Expression released its first vintage, which was a mix of Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz in equal proportions. In 2008, the first single-vineyard expression of The Goose Sauvignon Blanc was introduced and instantly captured the minds of wine enthusiasts around.

The distinctive, cooler weather of the Upper Langkloof region, combined with the region’s naturally high levels of acidity, provide for wines with a great deal of longevity and an air of refined sophistication that can be found in the range of wines produced by The Goose. The final product is wine that exhibits the utmost mix of Old World grace and structure with New World fruit and body. These characteristics may be found in the best wines.


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