Outeniqua Farmer’s Market

George is now firmly established as a destination for tourists because to the Outeniqua Farmer’s Market, which is located on the Garden Route. The market has 80 booths selling a variety of foods and crafts.

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Open every Saturday.

The Outeniqua Farmer’s Market, George, Garden Route, South Africa


The market provides a wide selection of farm fresh fruit and vegetables; artisan items; handcrafted goods; vegetables; cheese and dairy; biltong; specialty foods; gourmet dinners, and a multitude of food goods for you to load in your basket to take home. These lifestyle and food trends are moving towards organic food, the origin of food, and handmade goods. Goods made from beef, berries harvested from local farms, biltong and products made from biltong are among the items sold at the market.

Products such as breads, cakes, brownies, chocolate crafts, cut flowers and fynbos, dried fruit, fresh fruit juices, French breads, and cupcakes are available at this location. Fruit and vegetables, delicacies of the highest quality, such as those presented at the World Culinary Festival, Ice cream, specialized dishes such as vegetarian and seafood options, and meat purchased from a German butcher shop known as a vleischmeiste.

The Outeniqua Farmer’s Market was planned with the consumer’s convenience and enjoyment in mind from the beginning. There is enough parking for more than 1200 automobiles, and there is entertainment taking place in every corner of the market, making it suitable for the entire family. While you browse and take it easy, you will be entertained by stand-up comedians, singers, bands, and other performers. Even in inclement weather, the market remains open to the public. Activities are available for children of all ages, and even dogs are permitted.


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