The Knysna Heads

The Heads are a must-see for anybody traveling the Garden Route because of their historical significance and breathtaking natural beauty.


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Nature-lovers from across the globe go to the Garden Route in South Africa for its breathtaking scenery and abundance of wildlife. It connects the Western Cape and Eastern Cape provinces and passes through a number of well-known holiday destinations, including Plettenberg Bay, Nature’s Valley,  George, Mossel Bay and  Knysna.

This is also a very distinctive road that leads to the Knysna Heads, which are rocky outcrops that rise from the untamed fury of the ocean and stand watch over the lovely lagoon and the town below. The ocean waves roar and crash as they pass through the narrow swath that separates the two, making for spectacular vistas from all throughout town and the surrounding countryside. Fishermen and sailors who attempted to navigate the dangerous waters of the Knysna Heads have been known to rest their weary heads here in the past.

The Heads are now a breathtaking view that can be seen from a variety of restaurants, and they offer the ideal background for people who are participating in water activities in the surrounding area. In terms of accessibility, people may get to the East Head of the island by taking a short walk from Leisure Isle and following signposts.

It is home to a number of breathtaking residences, each of which offers breathtaking vistas, in addition to a variety of excellent dining establishments. There are tables both inside and outside at the East Head Café, and they are carefully arranged so that patrons can get the most out of the breathtaking scenery. Even though the seasons are changing, guests will still be able to enjoy wonderful meals or beverages while taking in the breathtaking scenery thanks to the provision of blankets.

The East Head can be reached quickly and easily by automobile, and it has a variety of decks and vantage points from which visitors may take in the breathtaking scenery. There are two distinct vantage points along Cony Glen Road, and each one provides a view of this wonderful natural marvel that is a little bit different from the other. The East Head provides access to a number of secluded beaches and rock pools, all of which may be found throughout its perimeter.

Exploring these is a treat for people of all ages, and they serve as a starting place for a wide variety of water sports enthusiasts, including those who snorkel, SUP (stand up paddlers), canoe, kayak, paddleboard, and kite board. The beaches provide for wonderful places for families to have picnics and sunbathe while taking in the natural beauty of the area. Before entering the ocean at this location, you should always make sure you are aware of the ebb and flow of the tides, as if you aren’t, you may find yourself in an unexpectedly dangerous situation.

Because there are no public roads that go to the West Head, getting there is a lot more difficult than normal. Therefore, taking a boat ride across the lagoon is the one and only method to see it. These are done on a consistent basis from the shoreline. However, since it is home to the gorgeous Featherbed Nature Reserve, a trip to the West Head is definitely something you should consider doing.

A journey to the reserve entails taking a boat over the lagoon, driving a four-by-four up the headland, stopping at a number of different viewing sites, and going on an easy walk that is 2.2 kilometers long and truly demonstrates the beauty of the surrounding region. The ancient caverns are an interesting extra on top of the natural beauty of the coastal woodland and fynbos that can be seen there.

Sunset cruises, oyster cruises, and lagoon cruises are all included in the charters that take guests to The Heads. This provides visitors with even more diversity in terms of the numerous ways that they are able to view and enjoy this beautiful region of South Africa.


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It is unclear where the name came from; however, a number of authors have theorized that it might have been derived from the Khoekhoe phrase ‘xthys xna,’ which they say could indicate either ‘place of wood’ or ‘place of ferns,’ or even’straight down’ (making reference to The Heads’ cliffs).

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Find Accommodation Near Knysna Heads

Knysna is a popular holiday destination for both local and international tourists, and accommodation options are varied and plentiful. Self-catering homes and apartments are ideal for families or groups of friends who want the privacy and freedom to come and go as they please.

For those who prefer a more traditional holiday experience, there are plenty of guesthouses and B&Bs to choose from. Most accommodations are located within easy walking distance of the Knysna Heads, making it easy to enjoy all that this beautiful area has to offer.

So whether you’re looking for a secluded hideaway or a lively base for exploring, you’re sure to find the perfect accommodation in Knysna.