Karatara Pass

What’s known as “The 7 Passes” Road includes Karatara as the fifth of its seven points of entry. There was no other way to go from George to Knysna prior to the construction of this road in the 1880s, which included traveling over seven passes. It was to stay that way for almost to seventy years until the N2 was built through Wilderness, which offered a more expedient alternative.

7 Days a Week

Best during daylight hrs

24 min (30,4 km) via N2 from Knysna

sight seeing 52


After traveling through Phantom and Homtini passes, travelers will arrive to Karatara Pass, which is located quite close to the Knysna terminus of the route (if driving from Knysna). The ascent to the pass begins in the vicinity of the quaint town of Karatara. Karatara River is located high in the Alps, nearly due north of Groenvlei Lake in Sedgefield, and both the lake and the pass take their names from this river.

Tsiba College is Africa’s first rural entrepreneurship college, and it is located in Karatara. Every student attending Tsiba College (coming from underserved villages) is given two full scholarships, one for room and board, and the other for education. The curriculum at Tsiba College emphasizes both individual growth and the preservation of the natural environment.

The 7 Passes Road has at least three other roads leading down to Sedgefield.

Thomas Bain was responsible for the planning and execution of this segment of the route. Adam de Smidt, who was his brother-in-law, was the one who constructed the portion of the path that ended in George. It was obvious that the event would drive a wedge between the two of them.

The Karatara Pass is less than three kilometers long, but it descends 90 meters in height to reach the Karatara River valley. The pass crosses the river on a concrete bridge that is comparable to the one that is on the Hoogekraal pass, and it allows for two lanes of traffic.

As soon as you’ve crossed the bridge, you’ll begin a hard ascent out of the ravine that includes a hairpin turn. The brief pass concludes at the community of Barrington, which is located at the beginning of a section of the road that is paved for a distance of a few kilometers.

Be advised, prior to driving over the pass, that due to the fact that it is gravel, the road may be strewn with potholes, it may be corrugated, and it may get waterlogged.


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